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Progress Florida rolls out ‘Wrong Way Rubio’ digital ad campaign

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Progress Florida is tying Marco Rubio to Donald Trump in a new digital ad campaign.

The progressive organization has teamed up with For Our Future to launch a digital campaign that ties Rubio to some of Trump’s more shocking statements.

“Supporting the Republican nominee for president means supporting Donald Trump, period,” said Mark Ferrulo, executive director of Progress Florida. “That means you want in the Oval Office a man who will push building a wall with Mexico, banning Muslims and an economic plan the non-partisan Tax Policy Center said would increase the national debt by nearly 80 percent.”

The ad campaign features some of Trump’s more outrageous quotes, and a quote from Rubio saying he would support Trump if “he’s the Republican nominee.”

The group rolled out the campaign on the second day of the Republican National Convention. Rubio is expected to address the convention later this week via video. Earlier this month, Rubio announced he would not attend the convention, choosing to stay in Florida to campaign for re-election.

Progress Florida also unveiled a new website — called Wrong Way Rubio — that it says is “dedicated to shining a spotlight on Sen. Rubio’s extremist positions, numerous ethical lapses, and how at every turn he opposes an economy that works for all of us, not just the wealthy.”

Courtesy of Progress Florida
Courtesy of Progress Florida
Courtesy of Progress Florida
Courtesy of Progress Florida

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