Progressives launch ad urging Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson to vote against Steven Mnuchin

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A coalition of progressive organizations is hitting the airwaves to urge Sen. Bill Nelson and Sen. Marco Rubio to vote against President Donald Trump’s nominee for Treasury secretary.

The Progressive Change Campaign, Allied Progress Action, and Demand Progress Action will air a TV spot Wednesday and Thursday in Florida, and several other states, targeting Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s pick for Treasury secretary. The ad is slated to air on MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, and in the Orlando and Tampa media markets.

“Owning a home is not only a dream for millions of Americans, it is also the largest investment most will make in their lifetimes. Steve Mnuchin ran OneWest bank as a foreclosure machine, ripping the financial rug out from underneath thousands of homeowners like Lisa, using fraudulent practices to take people’s homes and line his own pockets,” said Kurt Walters, campaign director for Demand Progress Action.

“Last week’s hearing only made it more clear that Steven Mnuchin is unqualified to make decisions about the direction of our entire economy at the Treasury Department, both out of his depth and apparently unconcerned by how his choices harm ordinary Americans.”

The 30-second spot features Lisa Fraser, a widow whose home was foreclosed on by a bank Mnuchin ran.  A former partner at Goldman Sachs, he has been criticized for aggressive foreclosure practices.

“Steve Mnuchin ran the bank that committed fraud and took our home, and now Donald Trump has nominated him to run our economy as Treasury secretary,” she says in the ad. “We can’t let that happen.”

The six figure ad buy will allow the coalition to expand into Florida, Missouri, Colorado, Delaware and Virginia. It continues to air in Arizona, Nevada and Iowa.

“Mnuchin is the poster child for how Trump has betrayed America’s working families by turning over our economy to Goldman Sachs bankers and Wall Street billionaires,” said Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of Progressive Change Campaign Committee. “All Senators on the Finance Committee — Democratic and Republican — owe it to their constituents to vote no on Mnuchin.”