Responding to a reader's comment about County Commissioner Ken Welch

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This afternoon, I wrote a post about County Commissioner Ken Welch’s being endorsed by more than 100 faith, community, political, and business leaders.

Included in this post was the quote, “Commissioner Welch is that accessible leader who always takes time to listen and respond,” said Ms. Reese.”

To this, a reader (under a pseudonym) replied, “Except when he is texting, tweeting, or facebooking during the citizens comments portion of the meetings. Damn those little factoids! It’s hard to stay objective when your advertisers pay your rent.”

Now, I rarely  enter into a back-and-forth with my readers.  I especially stay away from the comments section because, by the time I have posted a new entry, I’ve already made my argument.  The comments section is where readers get to make their argument.

But this comment about Ken Welch and objectivity and advertisers paying my rent has stuck in my craw.

First of all, if you look at the campaign finance reports of the Ken Welch Campaign, you’ll see that the campaign will have paid $1,000 to advertise on SaintPetersBlog — hardly enough to pay my rent and certainly not enough to buy my objectivity.

Second of all, if my objectivity concerning the Ken Welch Campaign is truly in doubt, I invite you to search this website for the articles I’ve recently written criticizing the supporters of bringing light rail to Pinellas.  Because when I criticize the supporters of bringing light rail to Pinellas, I am all but criticizing Ken Welch.

Still in doubt about my objectivity concerning the Ken Welch Campaign? Then read the last thing I wrote about his campaign (here) in which I offer a backhanded compliment about fundraising efforts.

How’s that for objective?

Well, here’s a little subjectivity for you, Mr. Anonymous Commentator.

Criticizing Ken Welch for Facebooking, texting or Tweeting while yet another Tea Partier rants about some Agenda 21 conspiracy before the County Commission is exactly why I support him and why he will win his re-election in a walk.

So to those who accuse me of selling my objectivity to pay my rent or criticize Ken Welch for utilizing technology to stay in touch with his constituents, let me borrow a line from Jack Nicholson, and ask you to go sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here.

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