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Richard Corcoran on Donald Trump’s rise: “We are the problem”

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Florida House Speaker-Designate Richard Corcoran called out the political system during a speech at Florida Chamber of Commerce Capitol Days, saying it’s part of the reason GOP hopeful Donald Trump is faring so well in the polls.

“We are the problem. We are absolutely the enemy and the reason Donald Trump has risen,” said Corcoran, a Jeb Bush supporter. “We go out there and say we’re going to fight for the free market, we’re going to fight for these principles, and then we come up to Tallahassee and all too often we don’t.”

Corcoran gave a nearly 15-minute speech during the Florida Chamber’s Capitol Days and was one of several legislative leaders to address the organization. Corcoran, who is the House’s chief budget writer, said the business community needs to help state lawmakers change the system.

“The fact we can serve eight years, walk out of here and suddenly be a lobbyist has got to stop,” he said. “I’m looking at people who have started businesses, grown business from nothing. From the extent that we can fight against this and say we can do something better, and we can achieve that, we can’t do it without you.”

Corcoran also called on the business community to not just be pro-business but also be supportive of the free market.

“We can create a state that is true, just and beautiful,” he said.

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