Rick Scott wins … as Facebook’s “most talked about politician”

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Gov. Rick Scott may (or may not) be popular with voters today, but the Florida Governor does lead in one very important poll: most talked about candidate on Facebook.

Throughout the midterm election cycle, candidates and voters nationwide have taken to Facebook to discuss and opine about the election and other important issues. To mark Election Day, the Menlo Park-based company has re-launched the “I’m a Voter” megaphone to everyone 18 and older using Facebook in the U.S. today.

Along with the megaphone, Facebook provides a live, real-time map to show how and where people are sharing their voting status.

According to Facebook, Scott leads as the most-talked-about candidate from July 10 through Nov. 3, beating out U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The Top 10 politicians are:

  1. Rick Scott
  2. Nancy Pelosi
  3. Trey Gowdy
  4. Scott Walker
  5. Mitch McConnell
  6. Paul Ryan
  7. John Boehner
  8. Charlie Crist
  9. Greg Abbott
  10. Mary Burke

As the nation heads into Election Day, 28 million people on Facebook in the United States made 184.2 million interactions since July 10 (likes, shares and comments) regarding the midterm elections. Florida was third highest in the number of politically engaged users, behind California and Texas.

Facebook also released the five the most talked about election-related topics in the previous 24 hours before Nov 4: Taxes, marijuana, Obamacare, education and the Islamic State.

Launched in 2008, “I’m a Voter” was a feature for the 2010 and 2012 U.S. elections. Earlier this year, Facebook added it for several overseas elections. “I’m a Voter” can be found at the notification at the top of News Feed, reminding people that it is Election Day, and encouraging them to share that they are voters.

Users can also click “More Information” to find the nearest polling place. Powering the poll-finding feature is Gettothepolls.com, a joint effort of the Pew Charitable Trust’s Voter Information Project and the Internet Association.

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