Sachs Media Group nominated for 4 Suncoast EMMYs on social issues, history, & PSAs

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On November 23 in Hollywood, Florida, the 2013 Suncoast EMMY® Awards will commence to honor television professionals in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and Puerto Rico. 

Awards are issued in 55 categories including Morning Newscast, Breaking News, Team Coverage, Investigative Report, Children/Youth, Weather, Community Service, Technical Achievement, and many more.

One Florida firm stands out among the list of nominees for ably covering a range of social issues.  

Sachs Media Group has been nominated for four awards, two of which bring light to the prevalence of child sexual abuse and what we can do to identify and prevent it. 

Nominated in the category of Societal Concerns, the Sachs team led by Michelle Ubben and Jessica Clark teamed the Florida Department of Children and Families, Lauren’s Kids and The Pod Advertising on “Don’t Miss the Signs“. This PSA series assists viewers in knowing what to look for and where to turn if they suspect child abuse.

Ubben and Clark also partnered with Lauren Book, DCF and Evolution Media on “Intimate Crimes: The Inside Story of Child Sexual Abuse“.    This profound 23-minute PSA follows multiple survivors, parents and advocates who bravely share their lives and illuminate statistics and warning signs; along with an eye-opening account from a convicted pedophile. It has been nominated in the category of Community/Public Service.

Then, nominated in the Historical/Cultural category, Ron Sachs and Lisa Garcia worked with Chucha Barber and Charles Belvin on Viva Florida 500: 1513-2013.  This special looked at Florida’s 500-year history and was created for the Florida Department of State in partnership with the Florida Lottery, Florida League of Cities, Florida Blue, the Friends of the Museums of Florida History, Inc., and Impact Visual Media.  It is an comprehensive look at Florida’s culture, economy, politics and heritage.

Finally, nominated in the Community/Public Service category, Sachs and Ubben are recognized for their work on a PSA dubbed “United Way vs. Apathy.”  This 1:39 minute segment was created for the United Way of the Big Bend and featured the adversary “Apathy” personified by newsman Troy Kinsey, who portrayed United Way projects and charitable giving as his antithesis.

“Such work makes a key difference in how an issue is understood, how policy makers approach solving problems related to it and how society may shift its views or take actions about these topics,” stated Sachs, whose firm has earned seven EMMY® awards in the past.

But with issues on the airwaves, the real winner is a more aware and engaged Florida.