Steve Southerland and Gwen Graham searching for votes in the final hours

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Both Congressman Steve Southerland and Democratic challenger Gwen Graham will rally get-out-the-vote canvassers today in Tallahassee. The two are in a dead heat for Florida’s 2nd Congressional District which represents the state Capitol of Tallahassee, the beaches of Panama City and farming and logging counties of the Big Bend and Panhandle.

Southerland will speak to campaign volunteers at his Tallahassee headquarters at an office plaza in the affluent northeast side of town. Graham will speak at her campaign office in a business district separating the city’s two universities.

Both want Adam Lupiani. Despite more than $13 million spent to persuade voters, he’s undecided.

The 28-year old full-time worker, part-time college student is not affiliated with any political party. He has libertarian leanings not out of hostility and anger towards government but more so because of a I’m OK and you’re OK approach to life.

He thinks government can work but has his doubts about the current political class.

“I don’t think she’s (Gwen Graham) represents a significant policy change over Southerland,” Lupiani said Sunday while talking over breakfast at a Tallahassee diner.

He had written Graham congratulating her on developing a “moderate Republican platform.”