Steve Southerland trolls for votes with Ebola TV spot

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Congressman Steve Southerland’s latest TV spot builds on the security theme in his stump speech. Among Southerland’s talking points is to strengthen protection of the family, the borders and national interests.

A 30-second commercial that began running in Panama City and Tallahassee over the weekend calls attention to Ebola, open borders and threats of terrorism.

A voice over announcer then declares, “Obama has no plan. Pelosi just points fingers . . . Can you trust Obama, Pelosi and Gwen Graham to protect us?”

Southerland’s “Keep Us Safe” commercial can be viewed here.

National pundits consider the contest between Southerland and Democratic challenger Gwen Graham for the 2 –nd District seat among the few races where party control of the seat may flip. Both campaigns have polls indicating their campaign is ahead.

The Ballotpedia file on the race can be viewed here.