Steve Southerland worries about ISIS while Democrats fear the Ebola virus

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Congressional Candidates are counting on riding a wave of fear to victory. Congressman Steve Southerland’s latest ad highlights his record on national security and his support for a measure to address ISIS in the Mideast.

The 30-second commercial which will run in the Tallahassee and Panama City markets links Democratic challenger Gwen Graham to President Barack Obama and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-California, with an announcer saying,” We just can’t trust Obama, Pelosi and Gwen Graham to protect us.”

The spot builds on the talking points Southerland used during a debate with Graham last month. It states that “America is not secure. Our families are at risk,” and that “our nation and way of life are under assault.”

You can view the ad here.

Meanwhile, Democrats also have found an issue to remind voters to worry about, the Ebola virus. Aaron Blake at the Washington Post reports the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched online ads criticizing Republicans for voting to cut funding for the Centers for Disease Control.

Here’s a video on the topic from the group The Agenda Project.

The 2nd Congressional race between Southerland and Graham is one of the closest races in the country.  The two candidates have questioned each other’s integrity and honesty with Graham holding Southerland responsible for Congressional gridlock and Southerland calling Graham a “Pelosi protégé.”

Graham and Southerland will participate in a debate Wednesday before the Capital Tiger Bay Club in Tallahassee.