Sunburn for 11/5 — A morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics

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A morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics.

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Here’s all you need to know: Rick Kriseman = Charlie Crist and Bill Foster = Rick Scott.

Keep checking for the latest updates.

IT’S ALSO DJ’S BIRTHDAY:  A very happy birthday to David Johnson – the great, great, great, grandson of Speaker of the House Robert Brown, who became Florida’s Speaker in 1846 a year after statehood.

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Former Florida Republican Gov. Charlie Cristlaunched his campaign for his old job Monday, promising to take the state in a new direction if he is returned to office as a Democrat.

“Today I announce that I am running for governor of Florida. And the reason is to put you back in charge,” Crist told supporters at a rally Monday morning near his St. Petersburg home.

Crist said his successor and likely opponent next fall, Republican Gov. Rick Scott, went to Tallahassee as an outsider who said he would shake up the capital – but that didn’t happen.

“Overnight he went from taking on Tallahassee to becoming the example of what’s wrong with the place,” Crist said.

Crist criticized the incumbent, saying he favors big business, big contributors and big lobbyists. Crist told the crowd he will take back Florida for the people.

He spelled out several focus points for his campaign, including more affordable college educations, a tax policy that favors the middle class, and improving infrastructure across the state.

HOW IT PLAYED: Sun Sentinel, Charlie Crist Announces Bid For Florida Governor – Get ready for the second coming of Crist”… Tampa Bay Times, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist: ‘time to take Florida in a better direction’ – Crist spoke from a lectern on a small, black stage, facing north, with an American flag, a Florida flag and a huge sign that says THE PEOPLE’S GOVERNOR in white letters on a blue backdrop”…  Orlando Sentinel, “Charlie Crist joins race for Florida governor – Casting the 2014 election as between someone who can represent all Floridians and someone he contends represents the ideological fringe”…  Miami Herald, “Charlie Crist: Rick Scott’s “trying to bully me by waving around his $100 million checkbook – As a member of the minority party, Crist is also facing another first: Being outspent”… Bradenton Herald, “Crist kicks off run for governor as a Democrat – Crist is now the Democratic front-runner in a primary that also includes former state Sen. Nan Rich, who has struggled to raise money and with her name recognition while campaigning for nearly a year-and-a-half”… Washington Post, “How Florida Democrats learned to love Charlie Crist – establishment has welcomed Crist not just as a new friend but as a presumptive standard-bearer”…Wall Street Journal, “Crist completes his reinvention – After losing the Senate race as an independent, he cozied up to Democratic fundraisers and party officials. Democrats embraced him notwithstanding the rank opportunism”… CNN, Take two in Florida for Crist, now a Democrat – Crist spent a good part of his speech slamming first term Republican Gov. Rick Scott”… Bloomberg News, Florida’s Crist Says He Wants to Reclaim Governor’s Office – The former governor’s entry into the race opens the spigot of spending for consultants, pollsters and advertising agencies from both parties”… Sarasota Herald Tribune, “Crist begins campaign for governor – Crist is aiming to make the race a referendum over how Scott has managed the state, particularly regarding education policies”… Jacksonville Times Union, “Charlie Crist’s first speech as candidate packed with jabs at Rick Scott – The tone has taken a brutal turn unusually early”.


To former Democratic legislator Dan Gelber, it is easy to support Charlie Crist. And not just because Gelber, like many Democrats, is hungry to take back the Governor’s Mansion. Rather, Gelber shares in a Monday column on Context Florida, why he has liked Crist all along. 

“Early on and throughout his term as Florida’s Attorney General and Governor, it became clear that he was a real moderate and a true bipartisan,” Gelber wrote, going on to list the many issues that Crist championed during his eight years as a Republican in statewide office: automatic restoration of felon rights, global warming, extension of poll hours, and more. 

To Gelber, Floridians won’t be persuaded by the Republican Party of Florida’s vilification of Crist. 

“It won’t work. Floridians know what’s going on. They have watched as a narrow swath of ideologues have taken over the Republican Party nationally and here in Florida, intent on purifying its ranks of officials who commit the high crimes of moderation or bipartisanship,” Gelber writes. “Tons of Republicans and independent voters understand why Charlie had no place in a Republican Party that has jumped the tracks because they feel like the Republican Party has abandoned them too.” 

Gelber suggests that Floridians will see in Crist the “kind of bipartisanship that is so sorely lacking in this nation”, and that voters have already concluded that “Charlie has their back and Scott doesn’t.”


After 20 years of campaigning, Charlie Crist knows as as much or more about winning elections in Florida as anybody. But he’s still a rookie when it comes to winning elections as a Democrat, so in putting together a campaign team for his Democratic gubernatorial campaign Crist appears to be relying heavily on his pals from the Barack Obama campaign.

His new media consultant is Jim Margolis, and his pollster is John Anzalone, both part of Obama’s campaign team. Senior adviser Steve Schale, is a pro who ran Obama’s 2008 Florida campaign.

And in yet another reminder of how weird this whole situation is, former Florida Democratic Party Chairman Bob Poe, who used to say all kinds of mean things about Republican Charlie Crist, is chairman of Crist’s political committee, Charlie Crist for Florida. That’s Crist’s answer to Rick Scott’s Let’s Get to Work committee, which can accept unlimited contributions.


Nan Rich welcomed Crist to the gubernatorial race this morning and is calling for him to debate the issues with her in a series of televised events around the state. 

“Charlie is a Democrat now – but he’s changed more than his party registration – he’s changed his stance on many major issues and voters I’ve met with wonder how committed he is to his new found positions,” said Rich in a statement. 

Continued Rich, “That’s why I hope that he will embrace this opportunity to debate the important issues Floridian’s care about.  They want to know how we will improve Florida’s schools and what we’ve done in the past to support them, they want to know how we will protect Florida’s fragile environment, they want to know how we will protect Florida’s at risk children and elderly and I know that Florida’s women want to know where we stand on protecting their reproductive rights.” 

Rich called for a series of 10 debates in each of Florida’s major media markets beginning in January and concluding the week before the Primary with a statewide televised debate. 

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“Floridians have a clear choice between a governor with a proven record of job creation, and a consummate political opportunist that can’t be trusted.  Charlie Crist’s governorship was underwhelming to say the least. Rick Scott has proven himself very capable of cleaning up after Charlie’s mess, creating jobs, and restoring Floridians’ hope about the future.”


“If Charlie Crist wants to be Governor so bad again, why did he leave Florida in our time of great need, when we had over an 11 percent unemployment rate with 832,000 people out of work?” asked Weatherford in a statement released by the Republican Party of Florida. “Florida really needed a leader then, but he turned his back on our state. If we couldn’t count on him then, how can we count on him now?”


“In four years Charlie Crist switched three times the core principles he said he would be faithful to — Republican then Independent now Democrat,” said Gaetz, in a statement released by the Republican Party of Florida. “In private, Democrats have to be wondering, ‘Will he use us to be something else next year.’ “

Continued Gaetz, “I respect, even honor opponents who stand by their principles. I cannot respect an opponent who has no principles and therefore no honor.”


The Republican Party of Florida launched, a website, it says, is “devoted to highlighting Charlie Crist’s failures as governor and setting the record straight.” The website currently features Let’s Get to Work’s TV ad “Opportunist,” which highlights Democratic criticism of Charlie Crist, including a statement from former FDP Chairman Karen Thurman when she said, “He has done nothing to create jobs…his only core belief is personal ambition.”

“Throughout his career, Charlie Crist has only been interested in one person – himself. When things got tough in Florida, he abandoned the state to pursue the bright lights of Washington, DC,” said RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry. “During his four-year term 830,000 Floridians lost their jobs, the unemployment rate increased over 7 points, and state debt increased by over $5 billion. This is the record of a failed governor and there is bipartisan agreement that Charlie Crist shouldn’t be governor. If he wants to be governor again why did he quit the first time around?”


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@BillyCorben: Charlie Crist just announced he’s running for Governor. Finally some fresh blood and new ideas in Florida politics.

@ChrisLatvala: A Republican, Independent and Democrat walk into a bar. What does the bartender say? “Oh, hey Gov. Crist”


In other news, Charlie Crist has luxurious hair.

@MarcACaputo: Charlie Crist: “I don’t have their special interest checkbook.” He forgot to add: “any longer.”

FACEBOOK STATUS OF THE DAY: “We got a race in which one governor’s biggest advantage is that everybody knows him, the other governor’s biggest disadvantage is that everybody knows him.” — Bill Cotterell

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SCOTT RE-ELECTION COMMITTEE NOW OVER $13.5 MILLION via the News Service of Florida

The Tallahassee-based “Let’s Get to Work” committee, which is backing Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election effort, has posted $311,035 in contributions for October, bringing the year-to-date total to $13.56 million. The October total is considerably lower than the $3.65 million collected in September.

The committee also spent $286,101 during October, of which $235,772 went to consulting, according to information posted on the committee website.

The committee will play an important role in the 2014 gubernatorial campaign and has already put out a TV ad criticizing Democratic candidate Charlie Crist. Scott, who spent more than $70 million of his own money in the 2010 gubernatorial contest, has said he will have $25 million in the bank by the end of the year that will be used “in early 2014 to define my opponent.”

More than half of the October contribution total, $175,000, was from Bayfront 2011 Development LLC, a Miami firm that is connected with casino giant Genting Group. The Bayfront 2011 contribution comes as legislators prepare for a debate in 2014 on the future of gambling in Florida. Since December 2012, Bayfront 2011 has pumped $325,000 into the fundraising committee.

As for the expenses, Forward Strategies, a Tallahassee political consulting firm run by Meredith O’Rourke, received the bulk of the October consulting work. O’Rourke once raised campaign cash for Crist. For the year, the committee has spent $1.49 million.

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Sink has been added to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s list of key candidates. A Jumpstart Candidate designation will give her access to extensive help from the national party, by way of “financial, communications, operational, and strategic support,” according to a press release issued Monday. 

BIG GET: Mega-fundraiser Mel Sembler endorsed Republican David Jolly.


If you are a politician in Pinellas County and your name HAS NOT been floated as a possible candidate for the CD 13 Special Election, you need to ask yourself what you are doing wrong (or better yet, who handles your public relations).

The latest name to emerge as a possible candidate is Rep. Larry Ahern.

A senior adviser to Ahern says that the second-term House member and his wife and political partner, Maureen, are currently engaged in a serious discussion about whether to pull the trigger on a run for Congress?

What does Ahern bring to the table? Well, he’s won two elections in legislative districts that generally reflect the partisan split of CD 13. He’s also a rock-ribbed conservative who will draw support from the right wing of the Pinellas GOP. In a multi-way primary, Ahern could count on a solid base of support while the more moderate candidates scramble for center-right voters.

Of course, once Ahern tacks to the right to win the primary, he might find it difficult to tack back to the center to defeat Alex Sink, but he can worry about that after the primary.

Right now, Ahern’s candidacy is an intriguing possibility. 


Add another name to the list of people considering whether to run for Pinellas County’s open congressional seat: Safety Harbor Mayor Joseph Ayoub.

 That’s considering, as in not decided yet.

Ayoub said in a news release many people have encouraged him to run and “They are excited about a true conservative Republican potentially getting in, running and winning.”

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The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up a challenge to Florida laws that place requirements on political committees.

Justices did not provide an explanation for denying a request to hear the case, which was filed by a group of Southwest Florida residents who sought to pool $600 to run radio ads in 2010 against a ballot initiative known as the “Florida Hometown Democracy” constitutional amendment. The group’s lawsuit argued that Florida’s legal requirements, such as a requirement related to disclosing financial information, were burdensome and violated First Amendment rights.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in June upheld the laws and said the state has a legitimate interest in requiring disclosure of information about such issues as who contributes money to political committees. The plaintiffs filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court in September.


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Gaming reform is widely regarded as the only controversial issue that might see action during the 2014 — an election year — legislative session, but it’s still no guarantee. The Legislature has paid $400,000 for a set of three studies on the issue, and a Senate gaming panel is holding public hearings on the issue in four cities across the state. They will be at Florida State College at Jacksonville’s downtown campus on Friday, Nov. 15. The issue involves some of Florida’s biggest political players all dumping campaign cash in the system and spending untold more messaging for their desired outcome. Each has amassed an impressive political scorecard. Most of Florida’s traditional special interests — the Chamber of Commerce, the Florida Retail Federation, among many others — will be involved, but the issue will be driven by a handful of groups. 

On the anti-gaming side is Disney. With the company’s deep pockets and control over the state’s tourism industry, it has long been a big political fish. The company is generally opposed to any gaming expansion because it could tarnish Florida’s family-friendly reputation, the company argues.

While no one knows the exact relationship, the company is also likely involved with, a site that acts as an attack dog against pro-gaming expansion news. Disney’s corporate communications staff has asked reporters if they have reached out to when calling about gaming reform.

Disney’s political scorecard: So far during the 2014 election cycle, the company has given $740,368 to candidates and committees. It has contracts with six lobbying firms and spent between $30,000 and $120,000 lobbying lawmakers between April and June. 

Though Disney usually opposes any gaming expansion, the proposal it pushes back against most is the construction of Las Vegas-style casinos in South Florida.


Despite a 708-page study and two public workshops under their belts, state senators haven’t yet reached a ‘eureka’ moment over the future of gambling in Florida, according to the Senate’s Gaming committee chair. 

“It’s like succotash,” said Sen. Garrett Richter — they’ve heard a little bit of everything. 

“I don’t have any sense that the committee has developed, at this point, any united front on a solution,” he told reporters on Monday after the latest committee meeting. 

“I never thought that the job was going to be easy,” he added. “I never thought the solution was going to jump up and be obvious, and I think that this committee is going to have to work hard … It is going to be a challenge.” 

After years of doing nothing and letting the “Internet cafe” problem blow up in their faces, lawmakers now are considering a plethora of options, including allowing Las Vegas-style destination casino-resorts.

… Richter also said he wasn’t changing the format of recent public workshops, even after reports that a casino lobbyist had organized a busload of seniors to speak in favor of gambling. 

“My takeaway is that we had extensive public feedback,” Richter said. “So far, I’ve found the two public meetings we’ve had so far to be productive, to be meaningful, to be informative. So no, I wouldn’t venture to change that.” 

Two more workshops are scheduled for Jacksonville and Pensacola. 

Last week, Orlando-based No Casinos Inc. outed the Las Vegas Sands Corp., revealing that one of the company’s Florida lobbyists “orchestrated” the busload of Tampa seniors to speak at last week’s workshop in Lakeland.


Local governments would have the ability to prohibit smoking on playgrounds, under a measure (SB 342) filed Monday by Sen. Rob Bradley.

The bill would allow municipalities and counties to restrict smoking in local government-owned playground areas as an expansion of the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act. The act, approved by voters in 2002, prohibits smoking in most enclosed indoor workplaces. Bradley tried to pass a broader bill (SB 258) during the 2013 legislative session that would have allowed restrictions on smoking on municipal or county properties, but it died in the Community Affairs Committee. Under Bradley’s current proposal, a citation could only be issued for those who refuse to stop smoking after being advised of the restriction and refusing to leave the area.

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Consumer Energy Alliance-Florida will host an Energy 101 Briefing featuring an overview on natural gas and hydraulic fracturing and its impact on Florida. Discussions will focus on key issues regarding the important role that natural gas policy has on energy policy for Florida and the science behind hydraulic fracturing. The event will be held today, from 12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m. in Room 216-C of the Capitol Building. 

Presenters will include: Rep. Jose Felix Diaz, Chairman of the Energy and Utilities Subcommittee for the House of Representatives; Rep. Ray Rodrigues who is the sponsor of legislation regarding hydraulic fracturing in Florida; and technical and policy experts including Natalie Joubert, Denise Co, Michael Zehr, and Kevin Doyle.


A Senate committee will be asked Tuesday to support $190 million for projects intended to help reduce pollution going into the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries from Lake Okeechobee. A 23-page draft report, which is slated to go before the Select Committee on Indian River Lagoon and Lake Okeechobee Basin, adds six long-term fixes to a list of short-term fixes first recommended in August by Chairman Joe Negron. 

“This draft report represents a significant first step toward improving water management across the entire South Florida region,” Negron wrote in a letter to committee members that accompanied the report.

The report recommends support for the state Department of Environmental Protection to receive some authority over the water releases from Lake Okeechobee, proposes increasing the funding for the C-43 and C-44 reservoirs that link the lake with the estuaries, and proposes backing the $90 million that Gov. Rick Scott has sought to bridge a 2.6-mile section of the Tamiami Trail. 

In September, the committee approved $2.77 million to improve pump stations, reducing the flow of polluted waters that have negatively affected the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee rivers. The money will also go to build a channel to aid the flow of water from the Florida Everglades across the barrier of the Tamiami Trail in Miami-Dade County.

Groups such as the Everglades Foundation have called the Tamiami Trail “one of the most prominent dams” blocking the natural flow of the River of Grass from the lake to the southern Everglades. 

In all, the report includes about $190 million in short-term and long-term projects, including the Tamiami Trail work. Among the recommendations: $40 million to speed construction of the state’s portion of a C-44 reservoir and stormwater treatment area for the Indian River Lagoon-South Restoration Project; $5 million to support construction of the C-43 basin project to provide water storage in the Caloosahatchee basin. The committee also asked to add the reservoir — of which Florida’s eventual share is estimated at $289 million — into the state’s Long-Range Financial Outlook; $32 million for projects tied to ensuring that all surface water discharges into the Everglades Protection Area meet water quality standards; and Giving the DEP authority to regulate releases when the risk of dike failure is less than 10 percent. 

‘STAND YOUR GROUND’ CONTROVERSY RETURNS TO THE CAPITOL via Margie Manzel of the News Service of Florida

As the Florida Legislature returns to Tallahassee this week, the debate over the state’s controversial “stand your ground” self-defense law is returning as well, with a five-hour hearing scheduled for Thursday and both sides already at work getting their messages out. The House Criminal Justice Subcommittee will take up a bill by Rep. Alan Williams that would repeal “stand your ground,” and activists who protested the law with a sit-in at the Capitol this summer are expected to turn out in force.

“(It) will be the first time in our country that any legislature has taken up a bill to repeal ‘stand your ground,’ ” Williams said during a conference call with supporters.

Williams’ repeal bill appears to have no chance as lawmakers hold committee meetings to prepare for the 2014 legislative session. The “stand your ground” law is heavily supported in both chambers of the Republican-led Legislature, and House Criminal Justice Chairman Matt Gaetz has famously said that “not one comma” in the law should be changed.

“If you look at the five years preceding the ‘stand your ground’ law, each year the murder rate went up in our state,” Gaetz said. “Since the ‘stand your ground’ law passed, the murder rate has gone down. I’m sure there are many reasons that’s the case, but I’ve got to believe that having robust self-defense laws — that puts the law on the side of the law-abiding citizen, and it puts criminals on notice.”

Participating in Sunday’s phone meeting with Williams and the Dream Defenders was Ron Davis, father of 17-year-old, Jordan Davis, who was fatally shot last year in Jacksonville. In a case that has drawn widespread attention, the shooting took place at a gas station, where 45-year-old Michael Dunn told a carload of four young men to turn down their loud music and, after an argument, opened fire. Dunn has pleaded not guilty, saying he feared for his life and saw a weapon in the other car, but police have said Jordan Davis and his friends were unarmed.

TODAY IN THE LEGISLATURE h/t to the Florida Current

Senate Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committee: Will hold a panel discussion about recent child-abuse deaths. Among the speakers is expected to be Esther Jacobo, interim secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families. 9 a.m., 37 Senate Office Building.

LGBT protections: A bipartisan group of House members will hold a news conference to call for passage of HB 239, which would protect people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender from discrimination in employment, public accommodations and housing at 12:30 p.m., Fourth-Floor rotunda, the Capitol.

Agency for Health Care Administration: Will make a presentation to the House Health Innovation Subcommittee about assisted-living facility regulation. 1 p.m., 306 House Office Building.

House Ethics & Elections Subcommittee: Expected to hear presentations from the Florida Department of State and the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections about a renewed effort to remove non-citizens from the voting rolls. Such voter-purge attempts have been highly controversial since before the 2012 elections. 1 p.m., 212 Knott Building.

House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee and the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee: Will receive presentations about efforts to shift policies to private insurers from the state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corp. House subcommittee: 1 p.m., 404 House Office Building, the Capitol. Senate committee: 1:30 p.m., 110 Senate Office Building.

House Economic Development & Tourism Subcommittee: Will receive information about a new unemployment benefits system that has faced technical problems. 1 p.m., 12 House Office Building.

House Healthy Families Subcommittee: Will receive a presentation from the Florida Department of Children and Families about the Sexually Violent Predator Program. The program has come under scrutiny recently because of a newspaper series that raised questions about the state’s handling of sexual predators, with many predators accused of committing repeated attacks. 3:30 p.m., 12 House Office Building.

Senate Select Committee on Indian River Lagoon and Lake Okeechobee Basin: Will consider recommendations to deal with issues related to water discharges from the lake leading to pollution in the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee rivers. 4 p.m., 412 Knott Building.

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11:45 a.m. -1:00 p.m. – Rep. Bryan Nelson, Rep. Jim Boyd, Rep. Bill Hager at Governors Club – Library Room

4:30 – 6:00 p.m. – Rep. Janet Adkins and Rep. Marlene O’Toole at Governors Club – Board Room

5:00 – 7:00 p.m. – Rep. Debbie Mayfield at FL Retail Federation

5:00 – 7:00 p.m. – Rep. Steve Crisafulli, Rep. Ritch Workman, Rep. Tom Goodson, Rep. John Tobia at Governors Club – Capital Room

5:30 – 7:00 p.m. – Rep. Manny Diaz Jr. at Beer Industry of Florida, 110 South Monroe Street, Suite B

6:00 – 7:30 p.m. – Rep. Barbara Watson at Governors Club – BC Room

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DEPARTMENT OF UNSURPRISING NEWS: “Florida’s lobbying corps is littered with former governors, agency heads, House and Senate leaders, and a myriad of former lawmakers and agency officials.”  — hvia Matt Dixon

TALLAHASSEE LOBBYISTS WON’T BE AUDITED UNTIL 2015 via Aaron Deslatte of the Orlando Sentinel

A Joint Legislative Auditing Committee on Monday approved draft guidelines for the audits that allow for lobbying firms to keep some documentation confidential, but also will allow lawmakers critical of the auditing mandate to repeal it next session.

Because the committee is making changes to the guidelines, its recommendation is for the audits to only start looking into reports filed by lobbyists in 2014 and forward.

The auditing firms actually wouldn’t begin randomly selecting firms until 2015.

“No audits will be conducted in 2014,” said committee chairman Joe Abruzzo. “This decision will allow the lobbyists a year” to prepare.

But they might never happen.

Two members of the panel — Sens. Alan Hays and Jeremy Ring — said last month they want to push to repeal the auditing requirement in the 2014 session.

“For now, we have to comply with the current law,” Abruzzo said.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to David Hurley.

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