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Look who’s speaking Spanish: Republican 2016 contenders bring bilingual abilities to campaign

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Republicans are bringing something unique to the 2016 presidential campaign: an ability to speak to Americans in both of their main mother tongues, Spanish as well as English. Democrats can’t match it. Previous GOP candidates couldn’t. But now, paradoxically, the party that’s on the outs with many Hispanic voters over immigration is the party that has serious presidential candidates who are surefooted in their language. It remains to be seen how much Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio will use their…

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Tensions rising in Jeb Bush-Marco Rubio world?

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Although it may be slightly overhyped in the national press, it’s inevitable that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are not going to be able to maintain a cozy relationship as they compete against each other for the Republican nomination for president. On Monday, the Rubio campaign leaked a memo quoting campaign manager Terry Sullivan as excitedly talking about how successful their candidate’s first week out of the gate as an official candidate has been, and how “our early success is…

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Marco Rubio-Jeb Bush alliance sours in GOP primary face off

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Ties between Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, political allies for more than a decade, are fraying as the Republican presidential campaign picks up. In public, mentor Bush and protege Rubio have avoided criticizing each other since Rubio announced his candidacy. Vush allies, though, have started quietly spreading negative information about Rubio’s record. Also, supporters of the two Miami politicians are drawing contrasts between Rubio, a 43-year-old son of Cuban immigrants, and 62-year-old Bush, a member…

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Big donors face question: Demand refund from Charlie Crist?

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Charlie Crist‘s decision to run for the U.S. Senate as an independent has left a bunch of big-name contributors with a decision to make: Do they follow the angry dictate of furious Republican Party officials and demand their money back? Or not? For many longtime Crist supporters — some of whom go back to his first statewide campaign in 1998 — it’s a tough call. Consider Ben Hill Griffin III of the big Florida citrus and political family. “Right now I’m…

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