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Martin Dyckman: Our ‘flawed’ Electoral College, mistrusting the people

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When the news flashed on Facebook before the election that Queen Elizabeth II had offered to take us back, some people failed to recognize it as one of Andy Borowitz‘s deft satires from the New Yorker. And some, I’m sure, now wish it were true. Afterward, a friend in Britain wrote to offer refuge — many thanks, Bob, but not yet — and remarked that “there must be a flaw in a system which produces such an outcome.” He was…

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Diane Roberts: Moving Andrew Jackson to the back of the bill was a no-brainer

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That Barack Obama. He’s at it again, dividing the country, fostering racial strife. What is it this time, you ask? Why, only the most sacred of things, our best beloved, our central obsession — money. The double sawbuck, to be precise, the one currently sporting Andrew Jackson, seventh president of the United States. Obama’s Treasury Secretary is sending him to the back of the $20 bill, while ex-slave Harriet Tubman gets to go on the front. Planet Fox (that lightless…

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