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“All Voters Vote”

Martin Dyckman: Winner-take-all winner could be Donald Trump

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Our next president may well owe the office to arrogant billionaires or be one himself. Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that fewer than 400 families account for nearly half the $388 million already invested in that election still more than a year away. Did America shed blood to be rid of monarchy only to have it come to this? And yet the vast moral and political corruption unleashed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s confusion of free spending with free…

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‘All Voters Vote’ — Fair Districts Part Deux?

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After several months of cooking, a new proposed amendment to Florida’s constitution popped up this week. What is it? It’s a mouthful and is called, “All Voters Vote in Top Two Primary Elections for Congress, State Legislature, Governor, and Cabinet” and it basically changes the rules for how elections are conducted in Florida. It does so in three ways… First, it eliminates closed party primaries for Congress, the state Legislature, governor and Cabinet. All candidates would appear on the same…

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