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Joe Henderson: After months of bad news, a return to ‘everyday living’

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It may have seemed for the past few weeks/months that the only news was bad, political or both. But now, a welcome distraction is on the immediate horizon, along with a return to the regular rhythm of everyday living. The arrival of sales tax-free weekend heralds the start of a new school year, much earlier than usual in some places. I can hear parents cheering all over the Bay area. And the Olympic Games begin in Rio, offering two weeks…

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In defense of back waxing

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Alright, Charlie Crist, I’ve had it. You can cut taxes until the state goes broke. You can sign legislation that guts Florida’s growth management laws. You can run hard to the right, proclaiming you’re pro-gun and pro-life. Charlie, you can do all that and I will still like you. I’ll disagree with your politics and vote for the other guy, but we will still get along. Just don’t make fun of back waxing! I am proud to say that I…

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