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Martin Dyckman: Will Florida Senate recognize that every child has the right to be loved?

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In May 1957, people across the nation were anxious over a decision that Florida Gov. LeRoy Collins was about to make in a legal controversy unlike any other. It concerned an extradition request for a fugitive couple from Massachusetts, but one that was far from routine. The charge was kidnapping, but the real issue, as Collins came to see it, was whether a child has “the right to be loved.” Nearly 58 years later, the same question underlies an emotional…

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Atheists still pissed at Charlie Crist

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Earlier this week, I blogged and this site reported on an incident that occurred in Florida between an atheist, Michael Middlebrooks, and Charlie Crist: Where is the media coverage beyond the atheist Web Pages? Some atheists have stated a skeptical view of this incident without proof. As Hemant Mehta says in his Friendly Atheist Blog, “But you mean to tell me Crist — a Republican candidate for Senate — attacked someone he was talking to while on the campaign trail…

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