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Today on Context Florida: Electoral College, Middle-Class Champions, sharing bathrooms and mindfulness

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Today on Context Florida: Voters don’t understand, or like, the Electoral College, says Darryl Paulson. He offers a few basic facts about the electoral-college system. First, very few voters understand how it works. Second, most voters hate the system. Third, the system is almost impossible to change. Those who drafted the Constitution had little trust in democracy. James Madison, in The Federalist Papers, wrote that unfettered majorities tend toward “tyranny.” John Adams, signer of the Declaration of Independence and second President,…

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Diane Roberts: Welcome to Tallahassee’s Festival of Bad Ideas

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OCCUPIED TALLAHASSEE – Some Florida towns have a strawberry festival; some have a seafood festival or a jazz festival or even a frog leg festival. Here in Florida’s capital, we put on an annual Festival of Bad Ideas. Its other name is the Legislative session. Come spring, legislators swarm, careening madly down our narrow, pretty streets like palmetto bugs lit up with a big dose of Raid. They land first at the Motherhive on Adams Street: that is to say,…

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