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birthright citizenship

Bill Day’s latest: Donald Trump drops “anchor” while GOP parrots the leader

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A legal right to citizenship for all children born on American soil, regardless of parentage, is a concept that arose from British common law. That means the idea predates not only the U.S. Constitution, but also the United States itself. Coincidentally, without birthright citizenship, several in the GOP field – including Marco Rubio (whose parents are from Cuba), Jeb Bush (whose wife Columba was born in Mexico) and even Trump himself (his grandparents were German immigrants) – could have struggled with status as naturalized…

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Donald Trump: Deport children of immigrants living illegally in U.S.

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wants more than a wall to keep out immigrants living in the country illegally. He also wants to end “birthright citizenship” for their children, he said Sunday. And he would rescind Obama administration executive orders on immigration and toughen deportation, allowing in only “the good ones.” Trump described his expanded vision of how to secure American borders during a wide-ranging interview Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” saying that he would push to end the…

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