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Bob Martinez, Dominic Calabro: The time is now to address the Everglades crisis

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Florida’s Everglades is an American iconic national park known and revered throughout the world for its biodiversity. Floridians, regardless where they live, must join together to protect and restore this treasure before the Everglades reaches a point of no return. The Everglades is home to thousands of plant and animal species and draws millions of visitors to Florida. Unfortunately, decades of massive changes to the habitat’s water flow have resulted in unintended consequences that threaten Florida’s environment, residents and economy.…

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Florida’s pristine coral reefs threatened by climate change

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A new study shows that Florida’s pristine coral reefs are under a growing threat from climate change. The Miami Herald reported Saturday on the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration study. According to the study, some reefs could be damaged about a dozen years earlier than previously projected. The study found coral bleaching caused by warmer waters could harms sections of the Dry Tortugas reef tract and reefs in areas off the middle Keys as early as 2030. Bleaching is potentially deadly…

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