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10 pieces of U.S. historical trivia to rain on any July 4 party

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Every party has a pooper, that’s why some people go to Fourth of July parties armed with trivia that casts doubt on conventional wisdom — especially in American history. When partygoers are lighting fireworks, exclaiming “Isn’t America beautiful?” these historical fact checkers rain the truth on their parade. Huffington Post offers 10 “truth firecrackers” to liven up (or put a quick end to) any Independence Day festivities: 1. Baseball, the “All-American” sport, likely came from England. John Thorn, official historian for…

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Hail Britannia: U.K. could teach U.S. a thing or two about running government

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Late in the campaign, the New Yorker satirist Andy Borowitz wrote that Queen Elizabeth II was offering to take the colonies back, suggesting that Americans dissatisfied with their options should just write in her name for president. It doesn’t seem quite as funny now as it did then. Let’s imagine, though, that we are still part of the British Empire, and that Donald Trump has moved to London and is now Prime Minister. Imagine him waddling into the House of…

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Diane Roberts: In Scotland, Donald Trump plays the ‘ugly American’

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As he arrived at his golf course in Scotland, wearing a white “Make America Great Again” cap, Donald Trump’s cosmetically-enhanced grin was wide as the ocean, despite the guy handing out golf balls with swastikas on them, despite the protesters waving Mexican flags. The UK’s vote to leave the European Union was “fantastic,” he said. The British have “taken back their country,” no longer accepting all those immigrants “pouring over their borders.” Bloody foreigners. Watch for Trump will to try and…

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New Orleans launches ad campaign

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From Gambit: The New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) plans to launch a rapid-fire public relations and advertising campaign across major U.S. markets starting Friday, June 18 — burning through its $5 million share of a $15 million tourism check written to Louisiana by BP on May 17, within five weeks. An emphasis will be placed on separating New Orleans in the public imagination from the disaster afflicting the Louisiana coast. One campaign slogan will say: “This isn’t the…

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