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Today on Context Florida: Fuzzy budget math, accounting tricks, Ben Carson and ending meetings on time

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Today on Context Florida: Once again, the media is abuzz and many in the Florida Legislature are absolutely giddy at the prospect of what they call a budget surplus this year. State fiscal analysts are predicting a surplus of about $635 million and the Governor’s Office, using what Rich Templin calls a bit of fuzzy math that no one outside of his administration can understand to project excess revenues of $1.3 billion. Frank Clemente says, surprisingly, Congress’s $680 billion holiday-season tax…

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Jeb says tax cuts are his top priority this legisative session

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Florida’s basic infrastructure may be splitting at the seams, but that doesn’t appear to worry Governor Jeb Bush, who said the upcoming spring legislative session will include some of the most dramatic proposals for reform since his first year in office and that substantial tax cuts are at the top of his list since Florida’s hot economy has generated a budget surplus of more than $3 billion for the state. I am not an economist, I only play one on…

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