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Charles Grassley

If another SCOTUS opening occurs, will Charles Canady get a serious look?

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According to Sen. Charles Grassley, the U.S. Supreme Court may need to fill another opening this summer. The Iowa Republican, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, did not name names, but rumors are swirling it could be the Court’s swing vote, 80-year-old Anthony Kennedy. If that occurs, President Trump will go back to his list of 21 potential nominees, now numbering 20 after  the elevation of Neil Gorsuch. Rumored to be on the short list before Gorsuch’s selection was Judge William…

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U.S. Senate will consider blocking rule on guns and mentally ill

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The Republican-led Senate is moving to block an Obama-era regulation that would prevent an estimated 75,000 people with mental disorders from being able to purchase a firearm. The Obama administration had sought to strengthen the federal background check system with a rule requiring the Social Security Administration to send in the names of beneficiaries with mental impairments who also need a third-party to manage their benefits. With a Republican ally in the White House, the GOP is moving aggressively on…

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A divided Senate answers Orlando with gridlock on gun curbs

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A divided Senate blocked rival election-year plans to curb guns on Monday, eight days after the horror of Orlando’s mass shooting intensified pressure on lawmakers to act but knotted them in gridlock anyway — even over restricting firearms for terrorists. In largely party-line votes, rejected were one proposal from each side to keep extremists from acquiring guns and another shoring up the government’s existing system of required background checks for many firearms purchases. With the chamber’s visitors’ galleries unusually crowded…

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Marco Rubio calls on John Kerry to meet with activists during Friday Cuba visit

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Cuban security forces rounded up around 90 protesters on Sunday, nearly half with the Ladies in White dissident group, and many of them wearing masks with the image of Barack Obama. They were released after four and a half hours in custody, according to the leader of the Ladies in White, Berta Soler. The crackdown came five days before U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is set to make his first visit to Cuba, eight months after Obama announced a diplomatic breakthrough with the…

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