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Rick Scott cuts radio ad in Connecticut about doing business in the Sunshine State

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Rick Scott is coming soon to Connecticut to sell business leaders on the virtues of relocating Florida, where he’ll pitch them on the idea that they’d save a whole lot of money by coming to a much lower-taxed state. And Enterprise Florida is already hyping the visit, as they began airing a radio ad in markets in the Nutmeg State last week. “I look forward to visiting Connecticut soon to tell businesses that if they want to pay less taxes so they…

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Medical mistakes — serious, rampant, and preventable

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In the United States, we pride ourselves on having excellent health care. We have the most modern equipment, and doctors from around the globe come here to receive their training. When it comes to medical technology and education, we export like crazy. Unfortunately, even highly paid, well trained doctors are as human as the rest of us. As terrifying and painful as it is, doctors and nurses make mistakes. And unlike most mistakes in life that can be corrected and…

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Joe Lieberman still undecided about Florida Senate race

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Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman (Conn.) said Monday he is considering skipping any endorsement in the Connecticut and Florida Senate races, even after he was visited recently by Kendrick Meek. Lieberman told The Hill he was visited by Meek “a few weeks ago” and that the two had “a good conversation” but that he is still mulling whether to get involved in the Florida and Connecticut races. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a friend of Lieberman’s, is waging an independent bid for…

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Kendrick Meek talked bid with Joe Lieberman

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Prepping for a three-way general election with Republican Marco Rubio and independent Charlie Crist, Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek met earlier this month with Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Democrat-turned-independent who’s one of the country’s most prominent Jewish politicians and a potentially valuable supporter for any statewide candidate in Florida. They sat down on Capitol Hill on May 6, following a reported April conversation between Lieberman and Crist, and Meek spoke with the senator about Homeland Security Committee and Armed…

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Connecticut in the Fall

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It’s beautiful being up here in Connecticut, right as the leaves are about to turn. So far, the most beautiful spot is right off the road on the way to Mark’s wedding spot. It’s a waterfall that just comes out of nowhere, and it would take your breath away if the entire state wasn’t so damn pretty this time of year.

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