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Dennis Ross returns to Washington after heart surgery rehab

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U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross, who underwent heart surgery Aug. 9, is returning to Washington Monday to resume his congressional work. “We have votes at 6:30 p.m. (in full session) then it is business as usual Tuesday with a Financial Services Committee meeting,” the Lakeland Republican said. Ross, who turns 57 Oct. 18, has been recuperating from the surgery in Orlando to repair a heart defect he has had since birth. He missed the first week of Congress’ reconvening after its…

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Will Scott Fuhrman become the ‘accidental congressman?’

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Could Scott Fuhrman, challenging Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in Florida’s 27th Congressional District, be this year’s Tim Mahoney? And is there a path for Fuhrman to become 2016’s “accidental” member of Congress that doesn’t involve Ros-Lehtinen having a Mark Foley-like implosion? Increasingly, the answer to both questions keeps inching toward “yes.” The Cook Political Report recently included CD 27 in its list of 45 seats that moved from the “safe Republican” column to “likely Republican.” POLITICO likewise featured Fuhrman in an…

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Donald Trump could help Democrats in Florida

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Florida is no longer a toss-up. The Cook Political Report announced last week that 12 states shifted in the Democrats’ favor in the upcoming U.S. Senate races. The newsletter changed 13 ratings on its Electoral Vote Scorecard, including Florida. The shift came just days after Trump essentially clinched the Republican nomination. “This has been an exceedingly unpredictable year,” said The Cook Report in its May 5 newsletter. “Although we remain convinced that Hillary Clinton is very vulnerable and would probably…

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