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Aristotle wouldn’t use Bitcoin. Should you?

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A lot of people wonder if Bitcoin is something they should try. They hear about it in the news, with many investment houses considering using it as an alternative to the U.S. dollar. In addressing the question of Bitcoin being a reliable option for your financial needs, it helps to know the ancient definition of a quality currency. The five qualifications cited by Aristotle for an ideal currency are: convertibility, portability, divisibility, utility, and durability. Which of these qualifications does Bitcoin…

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Silver and looking the part

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In the recent G-20 summit, there was the usual amount of posturing, boring speeches that resulted in lots of good vibes but very little in the way of constructive dialogue, and lots of talk about things we “should” do and “need” to do. But of course, just like every meeting where a bunch of extremely well paid middle age people sit around and talk, the actual accomplishments were outnumbered by the level of perceived ones by a factor that looks…

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