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Bill to eliminate sanctuary cities in Florida moves through another House committee

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Legislation banning sanctuary city policies moved through another Florida House committee Tuesday. Yalaha Republican Rep. Larry Metz‘s bill (HB 697) would force any “sanctuary city” or county in Florida to remove all formal or informal policies shielding undocumented immigrants from federal custody. It passed the House Subcommittee on Local, Federal and Veterans Affairs on a 9-5 vote on Tuesday. The legislation would fine local governments that don’t comply with immigration officers between $1,000 to $5,000 a day. It requires local officials to report violations, but exempts…

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David Richardson: An open reply letter to John Stemberger

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Editor’s note: Democratic state Rep. David Richardson offers his reply to an open letter published July 5 on from Florida Family Action president John Stemberger: First, I want to thank you for following my work and words as a member of the Florida House of Representatives. While your letter was addressed to me, it was clearly written for your donors and supporters. These are the people who look to you for guidance and to be their leading voice against equal…

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Mitch Perry Report for 3.4.16 — After being forced, Legislature finally moves on death penalty law

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Undoubtedly, we’ll hear in the next week (and into the fall) about how Florida is so important nationally because it’s a “Purple State” that reflects the views of our nation about diversity. Yet on far too many issues our state is severely conservative, to quote Mitt Romney. Take its laws on how we decide who qualifies for the death penalty. Until it was slapped down by the U.S. Supreme Court two months ago, Florida was one of only two states that…

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Today on Context Florida: U.S. Waters, preserving the Union and if Bill Clinton had resigned

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Today on Context Florida: There’s a surprise coming to Florida property owners at the end of August, says Dan Peterson of The James Madison Institute, one wrapped in the federal government’s signature red tape. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Army Corps of Engineers have positioned themselves to regulate practically every square inch of our state by redefining EPA jurisdiction to regulate water and land through a newly written “Waters of the U.S.” rule under the Clean Water Act…

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