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Defenders of Wildlife

Think Florida has a ‘grassroots’ environmental movement? Think again

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A casual observer could think there is a groundswell of grassroots organizations throughout South Florida, each fighting to preserve the Sunshine State’s unique environment. Not so. Upon closer examination, Chris Leggatt of the Daily Broward uncovered a “shadowy organization” working to manipulate both citizens and the government through a number of advocacy groups, exerting its own “twisted” agenda under a banner of saving Florida’s environment. It is an example of manufactured grassroots outrage – a strategy known as “astroturfing” – that misdirects…

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New poll: 71% of Florida voters want vote on banning oil drilling

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On the eve of a special legislative session on oil drilling, a new poll shows Floridians overwhelmingly support being given a chance to vote on allowing oil drilling in state waters. A statewide poll of 1,143 registered voters conducted July 15-17 shows that not only do a majority Floridians oppose oil drilling in state waters, but also that 71% support being given a chance to vote on the issue. The new poll also shows that Floridians want their state legislators…

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