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Defense of Marriage Act

Mitch Perry Report for 10.26.15 – Iowa

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Good morning, everyone. Welcome to the working week. Well, we’re 98 days until the Iowa caucuses, a political lifetime away, right? Well, yes and know. The trend there had been set, but that turned upside down last week when Ben Carson swooped over Donald Trump in two polls taken from the Hawkeye State. Now, I know this is anecdotal, but check out this New York Times story by Trip Gabriel about why Iowans like the retired pediatric neurosurgeon. “He is kind…

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Tax Day extra difficult for many same-sex married couples

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A necessary burden for most Americans, Tax Day is an accounting nightmare for thousands of gay and lesbian couples as they wrestle with the uneven legal status of same-sex marriage in the United States. They live in a country that recognizes their marriages, but some reside in the 13 states that do not, an issue that will be argued before the Supreme Court later this month. At tax time, and Wednesday is the filing deadline, it gets complicated because most…

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In the name of pride, why are the Stonewall Democrats asking these questions?

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Let me begin this post by pre-empting some of the responses I am sure to receive because this article may seem like an attack on the Stonewall Democrats. As a matter of fact, my thinking is anything but negative about the Stonewall D’s, especially after a conversation I had with one of their prominent members, who said he’s gay first, and a Democrat second, because he’s been to too many estate sales in which the loved partner loses everything because…

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