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A round-up of Sunday editorials from Florida’s leading newspapers

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A round-up of Sunday editorials from Florida’s leading newspapers Tampa Bay Times — Dark clouds over government in the sunshine There are the familiar, such as the annual attempt to keep secret the names of applicants to become university presidents. There are the new, such as the broad public records exemption sought for videos from body cameras worn by police. There are the unnecessary, such as efforts to keep email addresses secret. And there are the downright odd, such as…

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Tim Nickens is being such a pussy!

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It must be very difficult to be the Editor of Editorials at the St. Petersburg Times. I mean, you are in charge of the section of the newspaper viewed by the least amount of readers, yet pandered to by almost every politician. And you have to deal with Robyn Blumner on a daily basis. At least Bill Maxwell isn’t around anymore to bother you about the plight of migrant workers. So why is Tim Nickens being such a pussy about…

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Is Charlie Crist running for Senate or VP?

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Obviously, the current Florida governor is running for Senate, but give me a chance to explain my thoughts on the vice presidency. [Then you can decide whether the link between the two is a stretch.] First, we’ll need to assume a couple of things. For starters, everything below assumes that the primary calendar and rules will remain virtually unchanged between now and January 2012. We can argue all day about the likelihood of major reforms to the primary process, but…

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The Sunday Papers

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Way back at the dawn of blogging in Florida, Interestate 4 Jamming offered the wonderful service of summarinzing the best of the editorials from the Sunday editions of the state’s newspapers. With Robert moving on to bigger and better things, I figrured I would take up this responsibility now that I’ve revamped my site. Orlando Sentinel’s Parker: Do Christians have a place in the political fray of dealmaking? The SP Times: Memo to the Legislature: Micromanaging and dictating how districts…

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