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Report: Hillary Clinton gets an Electoral College boost

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Hillary Clinton is gaining ground in the Electoral College. Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball updated its ratings Monday, and all of the changes favor Democrats. The ratings update, which came one day after the second presidential debate, “shows Clinton mildly improving on (President Barack) Obama’s 332 electoral votes from 2012,” according to the team at Sabato’s Crystal Ball. The updated map shows Clinton carrying all of the Obama states except for Iowa and Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. However, the team notes…

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Hillary Clinton sets out most efficient path to get to 270

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Hillary Clinton doesn’t appear all that interested in making scenic stops on her state-to-state quest to become president. The Democratic nominee is instead programming her GPS to take her on the quickest route to collect the 270 Electoral College votes she needs to win the White House. With three months until Election Day, Clinton’s campaign is focused on capturing the battleground states that have decided the most recent presidential elections, not so much on expanding the map. Clinton’s team doesn’t…

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Donald Trump’s movement campaign needs adjustments at margins

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Donald Trump calls his presidential campaign a mass movement, but he must show he can coax enough support from voters who twice delivered the White House to Barack Obama. The billionaire businessman depended almost exclusively on conservative and GOP-leaning whites – a majority of them men – to secure the Republican nomination. Now he must look ahead to a wider, more diverse voting population in his likely general election matchup with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. His ability to seize on…

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Today on Context Florida: Electoral College, Middle-Class Champions, sharing bathrooms and mindfulness

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Today on Context Florida: Voters don’t understand, or like, the Electoral College, says Darryl Paulson. He offers a few basic facts about the electoral-college system. First, very few voters understand how it works. Second, most voters hate the system. Third, the system is almost impossible to change. Those who drafted the Constitution had little trust in democracy. James Madison, in The Federalist Papers, wrote that unfettered majorities tend toward “tyranny.” John Adams, signer of the Declaration of Independence and second President,…

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History shows Florida could be the big electoral state to flip in 2016

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If history is any indication, Florida could be the major player in choosing the next president. With some of the largest votes in the Electoral College, Florida is poised to shake up the political map in 2016, according to the folks at Smart Politics. In 44 of 46 elections since 1832, at least one state with more than 10 Electoral College votes flipped from the previous cycle; an average of 5.5 of those elector-rich states flipped per cycle. The particular…

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