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Elizabeth Santiago

Today on Context Florida: Donald Trump’s delegates, Northwood Centre, health benefits as pay and technology & privacy

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Today on Context Florida: To win the Republican nomination in 2016, a candidate must win 1,237 delegates. After the March 22 primaries, Darryl Paulson points out that Donald Trump has 739 delegates and needs another 498 to win. If no candidate has 1,237 delegates when the convention starts, it is considered to be a contested convention. If no one secures a majority during the first ballot, the convention becomes “brokered.” Statistician Nate Silver estimates that Trump will fall about 29 delegates…

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Today on Context Florida: The mighty always fall, social justice warriors and rethinking gender equality

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Today on Context Florida: The mighty always have fallen, warns Dr. Marc J. Yacht. Always. Being a strong imperial power offers no guarantee of continued existence. Ask any Mayan whose empire survived 3,500 years. They sit alongside the Roman, British, Spanish and Mongol empires. The French faced the revolution with Madame Defarge knitting while the People’s Court sentenced French nobility to death. One cannot ignore the Russian Revolution and the end of the Romanov dynasty. It happens and it can happen…

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