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Florida parents may get a bigger say over school textbooks

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Florida could make it easier for parents and residents to challenge school textbooks and school library books under a bill passed by the state Legislature. The Senate on Friday narrowly approved the measure by a 19-17 vote. It now heads to the desk of Gov. Rick Scott. The legislation (HB 989) would allow parents and residents to review instructional materials and then challenge them as inappropriate before a hearing officer. Critics of the bill contend that it could lead to…

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Joe Henderson: House just made life a lot more difficult for public school boards, teachers

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It’s a good thing the Florida House of Representatives wasn’t in session when Columbus wanted to sail the ocean blue. Lawmakers would have passed a bill prohibiting the trip because science hadn’t yet proven that the earth was round. Oh, there were those crackpots who said it was, but the representatives of the day would have known better than to let those poor sailors float right off the edge of the flat planet into oblivion. Alas, the House is in…

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Bill Foster’s thinking has evolved

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My biggest objection to Bill Foster’s candidacy is the possibility of him injecting his religious beliefs into his governing of the city. I’ve been highly critical of the now infamous letter Foster wrote in which he blames Darwin and Evolution for the rise of Hitler and the events at Columbine. I’ve also been critical of Foster’s stance on gay rights, specifically his opposition to gay marriage. All of that said, Foster’s worldview is beginning to evolve. The first indication of…

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If you weren’t already worried that Pinellas was becoming conservative…

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A new poll shows that a majority of Pinellas parents who profess to follow the controversy over teaching evolution vs. intelligent design say the latter should be taught in schools. The Pinellas poll mirrors a national divide. But it also shows that intelligent design has gained mainstream support, even in a politically moderate county not known as a hotbed for Christian conservatives, who are often portrayed as intelligent design’s core supporters. Elsewhere, a report by the Washington,D.C.-based Fordham Institute calls…

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