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Fantasy football sites FanDuel and DraftKings now facing 40 class action suits

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Fantasy Football giants FanDuel and DraftKings are facing some 40 class action lawsuits alleging the two sites fraudulently coerced players into an illegal gambling scam. According to the National Law Journal, most of the lawsuits claim consumer fraud and false advertisement as the basis for suit. Plaintiffs are seeking reimbursement for lost fees paid to the websites ranging anywhere from just $0.25 to thousands of dollars. Some of the suits also claim the companies engaged in insider trading after it…

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Fantasy football’s troubles hit Pinellas County

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Pinellas County is joining the list of locations where Fantasy Football is being accused of being a gambling activity. The suit filed Monday fingers the two biggest Fantasy Football websites, DraftKings and Fan Duel. The suit, brought by Nelson C. Steiner, argues the websites entice users by advertising potential monetary winnings. Some estimates show such winnings can reach up to $2 million, but in most cases any payouts are a tiny fraction of that. For example, USA today points to…

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Washington’s Pierre Garcon sues FanDuel

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There have been easier times to run a fantasy football site. Pressure on those in charge of the games increased this week. First. Nevada became the first state in the union to declare fantasy football to be gambling. That means that sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel will have to have a license to operate there. FanDuel and DraftKings have both become big, but critics say they operate on a business model that resembles gambling. “Since offering (daily fantasy sports…

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This year’s crop of debutantes

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Some guys follow Fantasy Football, for others, there is Fantasy Debutantes. This year’s crop of Girls Yet to Go Wild: The 16 young women who will be presented in December: Donna Alexandra Cannova, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Frank Cannova, a business administration major at the University of Florida. Taylor Kathleen Chmielewski, daughter of Mark Chmielewski and Linda Jantschek, international studies and economics, Boston College. Lisa Nadine DeGroot, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Alan DeGroot, advertising and graphic…

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A birthday celebration with Mark

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Before Mark returned to Louisville, he fulfilled his promise to take me out for my 30th birthday. Our friend Sharon joined up with us and we enjoyed a rather sublime evening at Bonefish, Ceviche and downtown St. Petersburg. Nothing too noteworthy, other than to say that throughout the night, I kept thinking how blessed I am to have friends that still make me laugh. So many guys have a difficult time keeping a friendship that doesn’t revolve around XBox, Hooters…

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