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Man pleads guilty in beating death of 2-year-old after ‘accident’ on bed

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A Jacksonville toddler died after being struck with a plastic coat hanger until it broke because the 2-year-old girl had an “accident” on the bed of her mother’s boyfriend. Jamarius Devonti Graham used a belt and hangers in the past to teach the girl potty training — she had already been spanked an estimated 20 times — says a newspaper report. The Duval County state attorney’s office confirmed a medical examiner’s report, spokesman David Chapman told Tuesday. On April…

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Mitch Perry Report for 1.3.17 – Remembering Justice Perry’s words

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With Republicans in control of all branches of state government for what is approaching nearly two decades, one check on their levers of power has been the Florida Supreme Court, which has at times has served as a safeguard to what some would call the Legislature’s worst excesses, such as redistricting and the death penalty. Until last month, Gov. Rick Scott hadn’t been able to do a damn thing about the state’s highest court, but that changed when Justice James E.C. Perry was required to step…

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Florida Times-Union will endorse Donald Trump Sunday

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The talk coming from the Florida Times-Union newsroom is being confirmed by First Coast News: Jacksonville’s daily paper will endorse Donald Trump this weekend. Sources tell FCN — and have told independently — the endorsement is a “a top-down directive from Morris [Communications],” the parent company of the Florida Times-Union. Those who have questioned the Jacksonville paper’s ultimate editorial independence in the past no doubt will do so again. T-U editor Frank Denton confirmed the endorsement in an email: “Yes, the endorsement will be published Sunday. Will…

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2 Florida papers do an about face on Amendment 2, call for yes on medical pot

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Two Florida daily newspapers opposing the legalization of medical marijuana in 2014 have made an about-face, and are now supporting a “yes” vote on Amendment 2. This week, United for Care, the organization behind Amendment 2, announced the editorial boards of the Florida Times-Union and Ft. Myers News-Press each have penned op-eds in favor of the proposal on the Nov. 8 ballot. In “An improved medical marijuana amendment deserves support,” the Times-Union says the 2016 version is “better crafted,” citing the…

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Today on Context Florida: Going nuts, blind ambition, mendacity in the morning, disavowing Duke and no joy in Mudville

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Today on Context Florida: The “establishment” of the Republican Party is going nuts, says Dan Gelber. Donald Trump is leading a hostile takeover of their party and they — the Koch brothers, Glenn Beck, the National Review, George Will and every other self-professed conservative thinker — don’t know what do to about it. First, they ignored him. Then they laughed at him. But now that Trump is on the verge of winning the nomination, the party leaders are frantically trying to…

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Today on Context Florida: Resigning the GOP, war on women and railing against rail

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Today on Context Florida: San Francisco-based attorney Scott Weese is resigning from the Republican Party. The GOP has finally gone too far, he says, and at this point he sees nothing of what he believes in any of the viable presidential candidates. The front-runner’s campaign slogan of “Heil Trump” is simply the last straw. Weese says he cannot understand how anyone can threaten the rights of anyone on the basis of their religion. To threaten to intimidate them for their worship,…

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Marco Rubio getting trounced in new Florida presidential poll

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He was the toast of the town after his successful announcement in Miami in April, but Marco Rubio’s presidential ambitious appear to be shrinking by the day. A Florida presidential poll released on Wednesday night shows Donald Trump and Jeb Bush in a virtual tie, with Trump at 27 percent and Bush at 26. Rubio is at 7 percent support, burying him with a host of other candidates hovering between 8 and 6 percent in the survey, conducted by Opinion Savvy and…

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