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Rick Scott schedules national media blitz for Thursday

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Rick Scott‘s spot on Morning Joe last week may not have gone so well, but Thursday finds the Florida Governor up and down the cable dial. His morning started with hits on Fox and Friends and CNBC’s Squawk Box before afternoon spots with Neil Caputo on Fox News and Jake Tapper on CNN. Scott’s interest to national media may have something to do with his endorsement of Donald Trump. “I’m asking all Republicans today to come together and begin preparing to win the general election…

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Jeb Bush invokes dad’s 1980 Iowa victory as hopeful sign of things to come

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Jeb Bush was never expected to be a serious contender in Iowa, but his paltry total of just 2.8 percent of Iowa caucus voters still has to hurt. That’s after his Super PAC spent nearly $15 million there. The former Florida governor knew the results wouldn’t be pretty. He wasn’t even in Iowa Monday night, instead campaigning at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. Appearing on “Fox and Friends” early Tuesday, Bush referenced a breaking story from Paris (where…

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Jeb Bush to release 33 years of tax returns later today

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Jeb Bush is about to release 33 years of his tax returns on his website late this afternoon. Fox News’ Carl Cameron broke that news on Fox and Friends this morning. That’s a record for transparency when it comes to tax returns. The previous record was held by Bob Dole, the GOP presidential nominee 20 years ago. He provided 30 years of returns in 1995. But it’s a dramatic departure from the Republican Party’s last presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, who initially indicated that he wasn’t going…

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Is Charlie Crist laying the groundwork for an independent bid?

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  Either Gov. Charlie Crist realizes he can’t escape the stimulus, or he’s leaning toward an independent run for Senate. Crist is saying some curious things for a man in the midst of a conservative primary challenge. Here are a few, just from the last couple days: From an appearance on “Fox and Friends”: “[President Barack Obama has] done some things that are good for our state; he’s done some things that are not good for our state. But what…

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