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David Jolly to congressional Republicans: Ignore Trump’s tweets, isolate him

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David Jolly offers some advice for his former GOP colleagues when called upon to comment on President Donald Trump‘s more egregious tweets: Just ignore him. “No more trips to the White House. No more flights on Air Force One. No more accepting his gratuitous offers of signing ceremonies, White House cocktails, or meetings with his children. No more asking the White House for permission, for policy advice, or for the President’s priorities,” the former Pinellas County congressman writes in an…

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Mac Stipanovich: Win or lose, Never Trump movement remains proud

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With Donald Trump still down in the polls with a week to go, the edifice of excuses designed to justify his potential defeat is being hurried to completion. To the foundation stones of voter fraud and a mainstream media conspiracy his campaign manager recently added treason, alleging that if Trump loses it will be, in large part, because he was stabbed in the back by the Never Trump renegades in the GOP. That is a baldfaced lie. Never Trump did not…

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Today on Context Florida: Going nuts, blind ambition, mendacity in the morning, disavowing Duke and no joy in Mudville

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Today on Context Florida: The “establishment” of the Republican Party is going nuts, says Dan Gelber. Donald Trump is leading a hostile takeover of their party and they — the Koch brothers, Glenn Beck, the National Review, George Will and every other self-professed conservative thinker — don’t know what do to about it. First, they ignored him. Then they laughed at him. But now that Trump is on the verge of winning the nomination, the party leaders are frantically trying to…

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George Will on Marco Rubio: ‘Absolutely, He Will Win’

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For Charlie Crist, Pinellas has become his firewall

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Assuming that preliminary reports of Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio’s fundraising are accurate, and that Crist raised another $1.5 million or so and Rubio doubled his previous effort of $340K, the epic struggle for the Republican nomination will carry on into the spring, when Rubio and his supporters in the Legislature will bog down Crist in a disastrous legislative session. Marco Rubio is not turning out to be like Tom Gallagher, who Crist knocked-out early with superior fundraising. Rubio is…

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