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Darryl Paulson: Will Donald Trump be dumped? — The 25th Amendment

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Each day seems to bring more trouble for President Donald Trump. He fired his National Security Adviser Michael Flynn after just three weeks in his position. Then came the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Numerous other individuals in his administration are supposedly on the chopping block, ranging from Press Secretary Sean Spicer to Chief-of-Staff Reince Priebus to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The FBI investigation of Russian influence in the 2016 election discovered that at least five members of the…

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Darryl Paulson: Should the Florida GOP feel blue?

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Florida’s Republican Party has governed Florida for less than a third of the past 150 years. After the Civil War, a coalition of newly enfranchised blacks, a small number of native white Republicans and northern carpetbaggers dominated Florida politics from 1865 to around 1885. After the blacks were stripped of their voting rights at the end of Reconstruction, the Republican Party ceased to be a political force. By 1900, more than 90 percent of black voters were dropped from the…

Keep Reading’s word of the year is ‘xenophobia’

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You might have thought about it, heard it. A lot. You might have even felt it:’s word of the year is “xenophobia.” While it’s difficult to get at exactly why people look words up in dictionaries, online or on paper, it’s clear that in contentious 2016, fear of “otherness” bruised the collective consciousness around the globe. The Brexit vote, police violence against people of color, Syria’s refugee crisis, transsexual rights and the U.S. presidential race were among prominent developments…

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Ronald Reagan a certain star at GOP debate, whoever else does well

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Jeb Bush calls his tax-cut plan “Reagan-inspired.” Scott Walker says “the greatest foreign policy president … was a governor from California.” Ted Cruz pitches himself as the leader for a new “Reagan revolution.” Donald Trump makes time for Ronald Reagan, too, alluding to the 40th president’s support of Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal as a defense for his own conservative makeover after years of taking liberal positions. Even if Wednesday night’s Republican debate weren’t taking place at the Reagan…

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