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Jeff Houck: Growler ban was full of gas

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In the beer world, a growler is a vessel used for transporting freshly brewed beer. The legend goes that the name came from the sound of carbon dioxide escaping from beneath the lid of the metal pails used in the 1930s to transport beer. These days, growlers have evolved into glass jugs. The escaping gas? It’s more political in nature. For three years, Florida’s craft beer proponents fought to get the Legislature to change state law to allow craft breweries…

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Local beer brewer not as excited about ending the growler war as you’d think

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When Gov. Rick Scott signed the growler bill last week, Scott’s signature on Senate Bill 186 repealing Florida’s longstanding and sort of silly ban on 64-ounce growlers was a win for several Tampa Bay lawmakers, including state Sen. Jack Latvala and state Rep. Dana Young, who have been working on the issue for three years. It’s been a high-profile issue attracting both news and satire throughout the state as lawmakers literally argued over beer. But surprisingly, it’s not the growlers that…

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Lawmakers pass bill to aid craft brewers, end growler war

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Florida’s “growler war” over craft beer may be ending under legislation passed by the state House Friday and ready to go to Gov. Rick Scott. Senate Bill 186, already passed in the Senate, lifts the problematic requirement that craft breweries operate as tourist attractions, a holdover from the days when the law was intended to benefit Tampa’s Busch Gardens. It also allows the breweries to sell beer in the popular 64-ounce, refillable “growler.” Current law allows 32- and 128-ounce growlers,…

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Growler beer draws unanimous vote, Jack Latvala to consider tasting restrictions

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The Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee quenched Sen. Jack Latvala’s thirst for votes by unanimously passing his proposal to end the state’s prohibition on growler-size beer containers. Florida law allows beer to be sold in sizes up to 32 ounces and more than 128 ounces but not in the half-gallon containers that are the favorite of craft beer aficionados nationwide. Latvala started out, he explained to the committee, with just a growler beer but the Regulated Industries Committee put more…

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