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Newtown victim’s mom pens open letter after Orlando shooting

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A woman whose 6-year-old daughter was killed in the shooting at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School is expressing her grief over the Orlando nightclub shooting that left 49 people dead. Nelba Marquez-Greene posted a letter on the memorial Facebook page for her daughter, Ana Grace, who was one of the 20 first-graders and six educators fatally shot in December 2012. In it she describes how hearing about the Orlando shooting took her back to the horror she felt as one…

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Darren Soto stands with the NRA

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Scoring political points in the immediate aftermath of tragedy is nothing new. The response to the Orlando shooting will surely provide numerous examples in the days ahead, but thanks to Sen. Darren Soto, we already have one of our most egregious examples. Soto, who is currently running for Congress, announced that he will hold a news conference tomorrow to announce a thus-unspecified “tactical proposal to prevent future tragedies” and call for a special legislative session. Legislative leaders immediately slammed Soto’s call for a special session.…

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Today on Context Florida: Agricultural subsidies, the gun lobby and middle class champions

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Today on Context Florida: Alan Farago says that for decades, conservatives have lamented federal subsidies in American farm policy. Strangely, the wailing falls silent south of the Georgia border. In Tallahassee, the glad-handing and back slapping by agriculture interests and supporters is ubiquitous. Farago adds that time to end implicit subsidies that enrich a few at the expense of many, which weaken environmental laws and protections that protect Floridians and future generations, is now. Eric Conrad is a Southern, white, gun-owning…

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Previewing the Legislative Session with Progress Florida’s Damien Flier

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With a super-majority in the House and a strong majority in the senate, Florida Republicans stand a pretty good chance of getting their way during this year’s Legislative Session. But that doesn’t mean progressive Democrats aren’t still riled up with messages for lawmakers. The group Progress Florida came together in Governor Rick Scott’s first term in office to fight an onslaught of Tea Party ideals including drastic cuts to public education and efforts to seemingly silence minority voters at the…

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