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Anxiety over GOP health plan for those with severe illnesses

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Unease and uncertainty are settling over Americans with serious illnesses as Republicans move closer to dismantling Democratic former President Barack Obama‘s health care system. A New Orleans attorney with multiple sclerosis fears he’ll be forced to close his practice if he loses coverage, while a Philadelphia woman with asthma is looking at stockpiling inhalers. The Republican health care bill pushed through the House on Thursday leaves those with pre-existing conditions fearful of higher premiums and losing coverage altogether if the…

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Chris Hudson: Death, taxes and health care

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Though death and taxes have long been thought to be the two certainties in life, it’s now looking like skyrocketing health care costs comes in a close third. Florida state officials recently approved an average health insurance premium increase of 19 percent. And these hikes come after state officials raised rates 9.5 percent last year and 13.2 percent in 2014. But this year, those of us who call the Sunshine State home can help prevent skyrocketing costs from becoming the…

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New survey shows Florida for-profit hospitals provide quality health care for less

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A new survey of health care costs shows that for-profit hospitals in Florida can save patients up to $650 per day compared to either nonprofits or facilities managed by state and local governments. At one time, a trip to the hospital was a rare occasion. People living in rural, out-of-the-way communities were often treated at home, even for surgery. Hospitals were reserved for the chronically ill. Times have indeed changed. Nearly every community in America has some form of health…

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