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For many athletes, including Dwyane Wade, the final chapter is a tough one

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How much is loyalty worth? How many dollars? How many dimes? Take, for instance, the case was Dwyane Wade, who used to work for the Miami Heat? Today, there are a lot of people sighing at the image of Wade as a Chicago Bull after 13 seasons in the NBA. It’s easy to find opinions that the Heat should have offered more or that Wade should have taken less. They find it hard to imagine Wade, in his fading years…

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This is how far Val Kilmer has fallen…

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He was Ice Man (Top Gun). He was in the sharpest bank robbery scene in film history (Heat). But this how far Val Kilmer has fallen, appearing in “Streets of Blood,” a direct-to-video flick co-starring 50 Cent.

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Why So Serious? Dark Knight is epic

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Yes, Peter Schorsch was one of the dorks in line for the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight. Quite simply, The Dark Knight is the best movie of the decade. Better than No Country for Old Men, better than There Will Be Blood, in fact, this movie ranks in my Top 10, right next to Heat for Best Crime Drama not featuring a Corleone. It is certainly the best story about America in the Post 9/11 world as Gotham is…

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