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Hurricane Sandy

Wet and wild: New Jersey teens drive 1,000 miles for Matthew

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As millions of people were being warned to evacuate, two 18-year-old storm chasers packed food and snacks and drove nearly 1,000 miles from New Jersey to Florida just to watch Hurricane Matthew roll past the nation’s oldest city of St. Augustine. “I have an obsession with severe weather, snowstorms, hurricanes tornadoes, anything crazy that most people wouldn’t go towards,” Lucio Bottieri of Jackson, New Jersey, said Friday. “I’ve been obsessed since the 2005 hurricane season when there was storm after…

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Ron DeSantis voted against Hurricane Sandy aid. How will he vote next week?

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Thousands of Floridians are heading for higher ground as Hurricane Matthew approaches South Florida and the state’s Atlantic coast. The storm, a Category 3 as of this writing, could make landfall in South Florida or the along the East Coast sometime later this week. And even if— by some miracle — Matthew does not directly hit Florida, its path is almost guaranteed to bring hurricane-level winds and damage to millions of people living along the coast. With the approaching storm, Matthew will…

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In Tampa, Democratic Congressmembers Kathy Castor and Frank Pallone extoll St. Joseph’s Hospital energy efficiencies

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St. Joseph’s Hospitals, part of the BayCare Health System and a Pediatric and Level II Trauma hospital, is the only hospital campus in the Tampa Bay area with a co-generator plant. That plant consists of a natural gas-fired combustion engine that powers a 1.7 megawatt generator to produce electricity throughout the hospital campus. And for the past six years, it’s also housed a waste treatment system that reduces waste volumes by 90 percent and converts it into fuel used by…

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Cuba fights public anger with reform in country’s tense east

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Two and a half years after Hurricane Sandy trashed Cuba’s second-largest city, 35-year-old Melba Martinez is still out of work and struggling to feed two children on her state ration book and a daily hustle for extra rice or cooking oil. “There’s no work, no money,” Martinez said, her voice rising in fury. “How are you going to buy a pair of shoes that cost $20? If you buy them, you don’t eat. If you eat, you go barefoot.” Down…

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