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Charlie Crist responds to President Obama’s meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu

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The Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate campaign today released a statement from Governor Crist regarding recent reports that President Obama “dumped [Benjamin Netanyahu] for dinner”: “I am troubled by news reports concerning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with President Obama and White House officials,” said Gov. Crist. “The President has expressed concern that our foreign policy may give the impression that the United States favors Israel. “Note to Mr. President: We do favor Israel. We are allies. Israel has…

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Israel becoming issue in Florida Senate primary

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From Politico: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Washington this week amid unaccustomed tension between the two allies — a strain that is now playing out in House and Senate races across the 2010 election landscape. The White House-Israel feud over settlement building in East Jerusalem has Republicans racing to attack the White House as squishy and disloyal to Israel, weak-kneed on foreign policy and even soft on Iran. Democrats, meanwhile, are dealing with sensitive intraparty conflicts between those…

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My thoughts on the Kendrick Meek campaign’s ongoing, strange relationship with the news cycle

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  I’m rarely at a loss for words, but when one of my blogging colleagues says exactly what I am thinking, but only says it better, I like to link to their site. This is from one of my favorite sites, the Reid Report: When everybody else is talking about healthcare, they’re doing NASCAR … State media fixated on AMEXgate? They hold a conference call with reporters (today) to announce, again, that they’re getting really really close on their petition…

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How did I spend my birthday? Protesting for Israel, of course

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A couple of years ago, I learned that one or more of my maternal grandmother’s ancestors were Jewish. I guess her family hid this fact out of anti-semitism or embarrassment or the false assumption that it would just be easier to ignore the truth. The rumor of my family’s history has yet to be fully confirmed, but since I found out about this story, I’ve been increasingly interested in the affairs of Israel. As a matter of fact, I was…

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Vigil for Ariel Sharon

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One of the issues I hold close to my heart is the state of Israel. No, I am not Jewish, but like many religious Americans, I believe that the future of the Jewish state is inextricable linked to our nation’s future. After all, if this world cannot protect a prosperous democracy in the heart of the Middle East, then there is no point of foreign affairs. The Jewish people are so noble in their resilience and so fierce in their…

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