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Today on Context Florida: History repeats, Andrew Jackson, Florida’s primary, momentum and school readiness

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Today on Context Florida: Hoping for a moderate presidential nominee in 1972, Martin Dyckman says the Democrats who controlled the Florida Legislature set up a primary intended to award Sen. Edmund Muskie most of the state’s delegates. George Wallace won them instead – 75 of the 81 – with pluralities in all but one congressional district and 41.6 percent of the overall vote. The damage to Muskie, who placed fourth, was irreparable. It contributed significantly to the eventual nomination of the…

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Andrew Jackson wrote this tune, Donald Trump is just singing along

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If you want to better understand this year’s presidential election, you should read about a campaign almost 200 years old. In 1828, Andrew Jackson became the first president of the United States who wasn’t a founding father or son of a founding father. Jackson rode a wave of anti-Washington sentiment all the way to the White House. His path was paved mainly by the actions of the House of Representatives in 1824. In that election, Jackson won a plurality of the…

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