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Larry David says his blunt ‘Curb’ character is no Donald Trump

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Larry David says his irascible, mouthy character on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is “about a quarter-inch” away from David himself. But David said he bears no resemblance to another blunt talker, President Donald Trump. “I don’t consider myself a (expletive),” he told a TV critics’ meeting Wednesday, brushing off a reporter’s question about whether Trump represented a rival as David’s HBO comedy returns after a long absence.

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Will Scott Fuhrman become the ‘accidental congressman?’

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Could Scott Fuhrman, challenging Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in Florida’s 27th Congressional District, be this year’s Tim Mahoney? And is there a path for Fuhrman to become 2016’s “accidental” member of Congress that doesn’t involve Ros-Lehtinen having a Mark Foley-like implosion? Increasingly, the answer to both questions keeps inching toward “yes.” The Cook Political Report recently included CD 27 in its list of 45 seats that moved from the “safe Republican” column to “likely Republican.” POLITICO likewise featured Fuhrman in an…

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Bernie Sanders could appear with host Larry David on SNL

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Bernie Sanders will be stepping off the presidential campaign trail in New Hampshire for an appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, senior adviser Tad Devine tells the Associated Press. This will give the Vermont Senator an opportunity to meet comedian Larry David, who has played Sanders several times on the show. David is hosting the show and is expected to interview Sanders. Devine says details of the appearance has yet to be finalized but “it looks like it’s going…

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