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Tampa Bay legislators’ fundraising

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Not much to report for the incumbents…no one has done any damage yet in the race to replace Kevin Ambler in H-47…perhaps Peter Nehr will have problems with Tom McKone in H-48, but other than that it’s standard fare for Pinellas legislators. Here are their fundraising numbers to date: H-48 Peter Nehr raised $13,900 with $12,581 left on hand Tom McKone raised $5,071 with $3,533 left on hand H-49: Darren Soto raised $4,600 with $3,850 left on hand H-50: Ed…

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Jack Abramoff’s impact felt in Florida

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There have been those in some quarters who have attempted to dismiss the Jack Abramoff scandal as an inside the Beltway issue that doesn’t matter to “average” Americans. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In my experience, it’s true that voters really don’t care about campaign finance scandals or issues like that, despite how much emphasis the media puts on these matters. Any campaign I worked on that involved some component of political financial scandal by either of the…

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Watchdogs fear lobbyists will devise new ways to undermine gift-ban for legislators

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Secretive fund-raising committees controlled by state legislators and fueled with money from business and special interests are being scrutinized as a likely legal payment method for buying legislators’ lunches and a whole lot more. I don’t even know if I want to comment on this issue other than to say, “Of course.” The gift-ban, however noble, is nothing more than window dressing.

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