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Augustus Sol Invictus says his U.S. Senate campaign hounded by anti-fascists threatening violence, FBI

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Augustus Sol Invictus says he is on the run. Florida’s wannabe Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate claims he is being pursued by anti-fascist groups targeting him for violence, while the FBI is also after him for possible prosecution. Invictus is the uncertified candidate of the Libertarian Party of Florida from Orlando whose rhetoric and symbolism have critics calling him a neo-fascist. His bizarre confessed behaviors, including sacrificing a goat and drinking its blood, and frequent LSD use, have others dismissing him as a political…

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Today on Context Florida: Jeb Bush & stuff happens, libertarian fail and taxing “carried interest”

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Today on Context Florida: Jac Wilder VerSteeg discusses Jeb Bush’s “stuff happens” comment and his campaign’s reaction to the reaction. He gives a little advice on how to deal with questions about the Second Amendment the next time there’s a mass shooting – and there is bound to be another one he has to deal with between now and the election, assuming he’s not out of the race quickly: Before you speak, Jeb, imagine that you are in a room alone…

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Libertarian donors put up $6 million for Rand Paul GOP bid

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Deep-pocketed libertarians are giving big to help Rand Paul win the Republican presidential primary. Three super PACS supporting the libertarian-leaning Kentucky senator said they raised a combined $6 million through June 30. That’s on top of the nearly $7 million that Paul’s campaign reported pulling in between his April announcement and the end of last month. “There are some very wealthy libertarians out there, and they’re all going to be hearing from me,” said Ed Crane, president of one of…

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