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Surfrider’s passion for ‘local control’ in ban the bag debate rings false, is opportunistic spin

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Local control, the notion that communities should have a certain degree of “home rule” in managing its own affairs, has become one of the hot-button issues in both Florida and across the country. As part of the “ban the bag” movement, however, the rallying cry of “local control” is in danger of trivialization, made almost meaningless. On one side are organizations like American Legislative Exchange Council and the American City and County Exchange — highly regarded sister groups that list…

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Paula Dockery: Why I voted against Senate Bill 6

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Had Senate Bill 6 simply rewarded exceptional teachers with extra pay I would have supported it. Had it simply phased out tenure for new and existing teachers, I would have voted in its favor. Had it actually offered a way to remove bad teachers, I would have signed on as co-sponsor. But as I have found so often in public life, the devil is in the details. And on close examination, SB6 violates my core conservative principles – less government,…

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