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Malcolm X

Diane Roberts: Donald Trump is no Muhammad Ali, and never will be

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The great Muhammad Ali is dead, but that won’t stop Donald Trump trying to make political hay out of him. Trump, who famously doesn’t like Muslims or black people (except Dr. Ben “Sleepy” Carson and that poor dude Trump called “my African-American”), allowed as how Muhammed Ali, a Muslim and a black man, was “a truly great champion and a wonderful guy.” Of course, Trump WOULD attach himself to the outpouring of tributes honoring the late champion. Like an orange…

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Remembering birthdays past — Part 1

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Today, my 30th birthday, is a rare moment when the past is probably just as long as the future and so I can’t help but feel both hopeful and reminiscent. As for that reminiscense, I wanted to jot down a few birthday memories that I will never forget: I recall fondly my 17th birthday because, at that age, that was the first year I could go to the movies by myself to see an R-rated film. Not that I hadn’t gone…

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