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LGBT friending habits may be good news for equality

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How many friends do you have on Facebook? For most regular Facebook users that number can get pretty high. There are old friends from high school, some from college, work colleagues, family members, church friends, that nice lady you met in line at the grocery store, favorite elected officials and maybe even your neighbor on that flight you took last summer. But how many of those “friends” are actually friends? The’s the question researchers sought to answer with an in-depth…

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Pinellas Stonewall Democrats president Susan McGrath celebrates marriage equality ruling

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This is a monumental weekend for the LGBT community. Same-sex couples can now get married in all 50 U.S. states and those who were already married in one of the states who already overturned bans on same-marriage will have their marriages recognized in the 14 states where it was still against the law. Susan McGrath, president of the Pinellas County Stonewall Democrats – named after the 1969 Stonewall riots that serves as the kickoff of the American gay rights movement…

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Gallup survey shows trend toward consensus on gay marriage

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Pensito Review offered a great post about the trend toward a national consensus in favor of gay marriage remaining in play, a new Gallup survey finds — and while a slight majority of Americans remain opposed to gay marriage today, it is still more than twice as popular now than interracial marriage was when the Supreme Court legalized it in 1967. In the first Gallup poll on interracial marriage taken after the Supreme Court’s 1967 ruling on Loving v. Virginia that states…

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In the name of pride, why are the Stonewall Democrats asking these questions?

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Let me begin this post by pre-empting some of the responses I am sure to receive because this article may seem like an attack on the Stonewall Democrats. As a matter of fact, my thinking is anything but negative about the Stonewall D’s, especially after a conversation I had with one of their prominent members, who said he’s gay first, and a Democrat second, because he’s been to too many estate sales in which the loved partner loses everything because…

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