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Tom Jackson: If Donald Trump wanted to lose, what would he have done differently?

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So, Corey Lewandowski, the buzz-cut professional sycophant whose philosophy amounted to “let Trump be Trump,” is out as The Donald’s campaign frontman. And this changes what, exactly? As Edwin Starr sang, “Absolutely nuthin’!” (Say it again, y’all.) That’s right. While Lewandowski portrayed the thuggery of a crime lord’s hired muscle — hard-knuckled Toots to Johnny Rocco in “Key Largo” — and his forced exit was both overdue and celebrated, the original problem remains. Everything wrong with the presumptive Republican nominee’s…

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Matt Walsh’s birthday present, an accusation of racism

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Conservative columnist and relative blowhard Matt Walsh turned 61 this month. As sort of a happy birthday, a subscription-based lawsuit database is taking a step away from analyzing who’s being sued in the Tampa Bay area and instead speculating that maybe Walsh is a racist. In one of the releases to subscribers, the website points to a January column by Walsh in response to the president’s State of the Union Address entitled, “He just doesn’t get it.” Of course,…

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